Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in Cipher Case: PTI Challenges Verdict

Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood Qureshi have been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the Cipher case, as reported by Pakistani media.

The case involves allegations that Imran Khan violated the Official Secrets Act by making a diplomatic cable public during his time as prime minister.

The court, presided over by Judge Abual Hasnat Muhammad Zulqarnain, issued the verdict, and both Imran Khan and Qureshi can appeal in a higher court.

Imran Khan’s party, PTI, called the case a “sham” and stated they would challenge the decision, emphasizing their support for Khan and Qureshi.

The Cipher case involves accusations that Khan shared contents of a secret cable sent by Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington to the government in Islamabad.

PTI claims the trial is a “complete mockery” of the law and urges people to vote in the upcoming February 8 general elections.

Over 150 cases, including charges of contempt of court, terrorism, and inciting violence, have been filed against Imran Khan.

In the Cipher case, Khan is accused of waving a confidential document at a rally after being ousted, claiming it was proof of a US conspiracy against him.

During the trial, there were concerns that Khan could face the death penalty for treason, but he maintains his innocence.

The trial was restarted at Adiala district jail after being indicted a second time in December, following the Islamabad High Court’s nullification of the government’s initial notification.

Imran Khan alleges the trial is a “fixed match” with a predetermined outcome and cites previous rulings declaring the Cipher case null and void.

The caretaker federal government challenged the Islamabad High Court’s decision, arguing that the court lacked the authority to declare the special court for the Cipher trial invalid.

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