Federal Reserve Chairman Powell Voices Concerns on Unsustainable Fiscal Path as U.S. National Debt Surpasses $34 Trillion

• Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell expressed concern in a recent interview, stating that the U.S. is on an unsustainable fiscal path.

• Powell emphasized that the U.S. national debt is growing faster than the economy, reaching over $34 trillion in early January, just three months after surpassing $33 trillion.

• The U.S. Congress has postponed the spending deadline three times since September, with the latest stopgap measure indicating that funding for four federal agencies will expire on March 1st, and others by March 8th.

• Despite the growing national debt, Powell mentioned that members of the Fed’s rate-setting committee believe the economic situation is still good.

• While senior officials hinted at lowering interest rates in 2024, no rate cut occurred after the January meeting. Powell stated in an interview that a rate cut is not up for discussion in March, citing a lack of confidence within the committee.

• Powell clarified that a rate cut could be considered if there is weakness in the labor market or a convincing decrease in inflation.

• He dismissed speculation about politics influencing the Fed’s interest rate decisions, emphasizing that politics are not considered in their decisions and never will be.

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