Experience Artistry and Cultural Extravaganza: HastaRachana Mela Returns as Navi Mumbai’s Premier Handcrafted Fair on December 9th and 10th

HastaRachana Mela, the biggest handcrafted fair of Navi Mumbai, is going to be held on 9th and 10th December 2023 at the Jhansi Ki Rani Maidan, Sec 9, Sanpada. Being organized by Shishyaa Waldorf School, a leading school in Navi Mumbai, this eagerly anticipated event has evolved into a cultural highlight, promising an unforgettable celebration of creativity and community in the heart of Navi Mumbai. The Mela is an opportunity for everyone to experience cultural programs, delectable food, vibrant festivities and buy handcrafted items. It is an occasion for the entire family to unplug themselves from screens and immerse in the pure joy of shared moments, fostering connections, and embracing the rich tapestry of cultural diversity that awaits everyone at the fair.

The Co-founders and Trustees of Shishyaa Waldorf School, a leading school in Navi Mumbai, at the previous HastaRachana Mela

The Mela is poised to embrace the entire family over the course of two days, promising a captivating experience filled with cultural performances, engaging games, enriching workshops, a dedicated children’s play area, and a myriad of other delightful activities. Distinguished personalities, including RJ Archana Pania, are set to grace the occasion as guests of honor, sharing their invaluable experiences with the enthusiastic audiences. The highlights of the fair include:

Immerse yourself in the magic of over 20 mesmerizing music and dance performances curated by a lineup of renowned artists, blending the brilliance of acclaimed talents with the vibrant energy of local performers. Among them, the award-winning music composer and performer Ratnesh Bhagat promises to add a unique and unforgettable dimension to this artistic extravaganza.

Curated selection of over 10 engaging games and workshops designed specifically for children and thoughtfully crafted to ignite their imagination and provide a fun-filled environment where education seamlessly intertwines with play

Childrens play area for undiluted free play

More than 25 stalls for handcrafted items, jewelry, sarees, lip smacking food and more

Experiencing Waldorf education facilitated by senior teachers

Shishyaa follows Waldorf philosophy in teaching, which was initiated by Rudolf Steiner more than a century ago in Germany. Unlike conventional education philosophy, this methodology is dedicated to nurturing the complete development of a childs hand, heart, and head. The result is a profound and enriching learning experience that fosters holistic growth and well-rounded development. Presently there are about 2000 Waldorf Schools across the globe, with about 20 being in India. Shishyaa is the first and only Waldorf School in Navi Mumbai.

Mrs. Bandana Basu, Co-founder, Shishyaa Waldorf School said, “At Shishyaa, we follow the Waldorf philosophy, which focuses on an age-appropriate curriculum. This remains its health fortifying aspect encompassing physical, emotional, artistic, social and intellectual wellbeing of the child as the child grows into a compassionate, empathetic and socially aware individual. The HastaRachana Mela is very much part of the curriculum as the child sees the marvel being created by efforts of parents and teachers and understands human ingenuity.” The Mela is in its 9th year, and the arrangements have been grand. The Mela is expected to see a footfall of more than 5,000 people over 2 days and promises to be a mega experience of fun and frolic for the entire family.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Reena Dhila, Co-founder, Shishyaa Waldorf School said, “Shishyaa focuses on child-centric education with the aim of doing the right thing at the right time matched to students’ needs and capacities. This way, learning becomes enjoyable and stress free, and yet nothing is missed or skipped. As HastaRachana Mela is a community driven effort, nearly 100 parents and teachers and jointly working in curating and organizing the Mela, making it a truly unique effort.”

About Shishyaa Waldorf School

The story of Shishyaa Waldorf School began in 2016 when two senior educators came together to start the first Waldorf school at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The need arose as they realized the necessity for a child centric approach towards education and not one based on rote learning. They wanted the school to make learning fun, enjoyable, yet meaningful, enriching and fulfilling. They wanted to create a learning environment that is stress-free, and which brings a positive impact on the mind, body and spirit. Infact, a conversation about ‘how a school should be’ over a cup of coffee that our founders had finally transformed into Shishyaa.

The school, in sync with the Waldorf Education philosophy, doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach towards children and their education. It believes in meeting the child where the child is, and walking the journey alongside them, helping them learn through an enlivened curriculum. All learning of concepts and subjects is achieved in a holistic fashion ensuring students understand them conceptually, and not through rote learning. The school empowers the students to become confident and socially responsible individuals as they grow and presently admits students for all grades.

Website – www.shishyaa.org.

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