Dhoomimal Gallery Unveils ‘Exodus’: A Reflection on Human Geography Through the Artistry of Rewati Shahani

Dhoomimal Gallery, Indias oldest contemporary art gallery, in collaboration with Cultivate Art hosted Exodus, an eagerly awaited exhibition showcasing the captivating works of celebrated artist Rewati Shahani. The exhibition is scheduled to run from December 7 to December 29, 2023, at Dhoomimal Gallery (DMG), situated in the heart of New Delhi.

Behroze Gandhy, Niren Sengupta & Mita Vasishth

The opening ceremony hosted at Dhoomimal Gallery on the 7th December unveiled the artistic magnificence of Rewatis artworks and was addressed by notable individuals such as Hindi poet & writer Prayag Shukhla, Farah Siddiqui, and Shireen Gandhy, Behroze Gandhy ,Uma Jain ,Art historian & critic Geeta Kapur, Niren Sengupta, Mita Vasisth and others.

Baera, Oil on canvas

Rewati Shahani’s Exodus delves into the complexities of human geography within colonial and modern contexts, unraveling the narratives of displacement, diaspora, and the evolving global landscape. The exhibition challenges ethno-political delineations of the 20th century, exploring their enduring impact on the 21st century, particularly across South Asia and Palestine.

Shahanis artistic prowess manifests through intricate and abstracted maps(Indian subcontinent Hand-drawn, Ink and paper maps) questioning the decisions behind human migrations. Exodus not only scrutinizes historical exoduses but also embraces contemporary challenges, including climate-induced displacements. The artists lens captures the harsh realities of climate change, portraying dried-up riverbeds and scorched earth in the cracks and crazing of her photographic prints.

The exhibition features layered oil paintings and earthen ceramic sculptures that reintroduce the geological imagery that defines much of Shahanis work. Standing stones ,cliffs and mountains, symbolizing natural grandeur, disrupt horizons and challenging the arbitrary contours of manmade nations. Through these powerful visuals, Shahani envisions a positive future rooted in freedom to explore rather than the need to flee.

About Dhoomimal Gallery

Established as the oldest contemporary art gallery in India, Dhoomimal Gallery continues to uphold its legacy of promoting and preserving Indian contemporary art. Exodus adds another dimension to their rich tapestry, featuring an artist who contributes to the evolving narrative of art.

About Rewati Shahani

Born and raised in Mumbai, Rewati Shahani studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s in London, where she continues to reside. Her early work focused on the shared histories of Mumbai and London, evident in large-scale ink on kora cotton maps. Shahanis new collection furthers her exploration of nationhood and place, challenging the prescriptive nature of human geography in the 21st century.

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