CHOSEN by Dermatology Announces Up to 30% Christmas Offers on Collagen Supplements and DIY Chemical Peels

As the festive season approaches, CHOSEN by Dermatology, a leading skincare brand renowned for its commitment to providing result-based skin and hair care products, is delighted to announce an exclusive Christmas Offer of up to 30% discount on their TOR collagen powders and Light Routine & Milk Route DIY chemical peels, bringing joy to skincare enthusiasts.

Christmas Sale is ON! Get fab discounts NOW!

The sale starts on 18/12/2023 and ends on 24/12/2023. To avail up to 30% discount, customers need to use codes displayed during checkout. But the celebration doesnt end there! Starting from the day after Christmas until 31/12/2023, customers can expect additional delightful offers after each purchase to continue the festive cheer well into the New Year of 2024.

We wanted to make this holiday season truly special for our customers. Our TOR marine collagen supplements and DIY salicylic and lactic acid chemical peels have been carefully crafted to bring out the best in your skin, and what better time to share the joy of radiant skin than during the festive season,” says Ms Komalalakshmi, Social Media Strategist at CHOSEN by Dermatology.

This limited-time year-end offer allows skincare enthusiasts to elevate their beauty routine with trusted and clinically proven products,” she added.

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