The Indian stock market witnessed notable bulk deals on the 10th of January, 2024. Here are the major transactions that took place:

In a significant move, Smallcap World Fund acquired 3,615,365 shares of NCC at an average price of ₹185.23, amounting to a substantial ₹66.96 crore.

VL E-Governance & IT Solutions
Both NJD Capital and Dinesh Birdilal made exits by selling 1,000,000 shares each of VL E-Governance & IT Solutions at a consistent price of ₹69.95.

Chaman Metallics
Investor Gaurav Jain made a strong entry into Chaman Metallics, purchasing 124,500 shares at ₹80.38 per share.

Chavda Infra
Sandhya Singh offloaded a significant chunk of 316,000 shares of Chavda Infra at ₹101.57 per share.

Himachal Fibres
Anisha Fincap chose to sell 1,044,725 shares of Himachal Fibres at ₹36.27.

Latteys Industries
Garima Venture sold 911,359 shares of Latteys Industries at ₹26.25 each.

Mangalam Industrial
Indian Co-operative Credit Society divested a massive 5,100,000 shares of Mangalam Industrial at a nominal ₹4.67 per share.

These bulk deals not only indicate the changing dynamics within these companies but also provide insights into the market sentiment and future trends. Investors and market enthusiasts are advised to keep an eye on these stocks for potential developments.

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