Bombay Play Game ‘Block Heads’ Wins as Part of Google Play’s Best Games of 2023 in India

Block Heads‘ developed by Bombay Play has recently been awarded as one of the Best Indies games of the year as part of Google Play’s Best of 2023 in India. The unique approach of the game combines the strategic gameplay of block puzzle games with live competitive multiplayer action.

Bombay Play team

Unlike ordinary puzzle games, Block Heads pits two players together in an exciting live competition. Block Heads requires players to take turns fitting blocks within a 9×9 square to score big and showcase their fast logic skills. The unique twist is a mind-boggling exercise that has attracted over 100K downloads on the Google Play Store within days of launch and recognition from the Google play team.

Delighted with the win, Oliver Jones – CEO, Bombay Play said, “We are thrilled with Block Heads being recognised as one of the best Indie gaming titles of the year by Google Play. We were a three person team with one game in early access when we got accepted into Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator’s first batch that helped us with some invaluable insights, and today we have grown into a successful business that is over sixty people strong building globally loved games on the platform. This win is a testament to our mission of building high-quality social, live and real-time games from India for the world.

Block Heads unleashes the logical prowess of the players and rewards them with trophies to unlock advanced arenas. In a short span, the gaming app has recorded over 100k players with a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play store.

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