BOFA FMS Insights: Investor Sentiment, Cash Levels, and Crowded Trades

BOFA FMS notes a significant shift as investors, for the first time since April 2022, refrain from predicting a recession.

Cash levels within BOFA FMS have undergone a reduction from 4.8% to 4.2%, aligning with global growth expectations hitting a noteworthy two-year peak.

The BOFA February Fund Manager Survey reveals a striking development where investors exhibit the most bullish sentiment observed in a span of two years.

Within the BOFA FMS, global equity allocation has surged to a two-year pinnacle, accompanied by the tech sector allocation reaching its highest point since August 2020.

A specific trend is identified in the BOFA FMS, with the ‘Long Magnificent 7’ emerging as the most crowded trade since October 2022, closely followed by ‘Short China Stocks’ ranking as the second most crowded trade.

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