Boeing Grapples with Quality Issue: 50 Undelivered 737 MAX Aircraft Require Rework Due to Mis-Drilled Holes

• Boeing faces a new quality concern as supplier Spirit AeroSystems identifies mis-drilled holes in 50 undelivered 737 MAX aircraft.

• While not an immediate safety risk, the issue requires rework, causing delays in upcoming deliveries.

• Boeing is implementing production days at the Renton 737 plant to address the problem and enhance quality controls, following a previous incident with an Alaska Airlines jet.

• The FAA imposes a production cap due to quality lapses, which Boeing offsets by maintaining purchasing rates from suppliers.

• Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal acknowledges the non-conformance in a letter, praising the supplier’s employee who flagged the drilling discrepancy.

• Approximately 50 undelivered airplanes are set for rework, according to Deal, emphasizing that the issue doesn’t pose an immediate safety threat.

• As part of their 360-degree quality management program, Spirit AeroSystems’ team identified the issue, says the company’s spokesperson.

• Boeing plans to dedicate several “factory days” at the Renton 737 plant to address the mis-aligned holes without shutting down the entire production line.

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