Bangalore Watch Company Launches a New Watch to Celebrate Women in Indian Aviation

In the spirit of producing world-class watches that tell stories from modern India, Bangalore Watch Company celebrates women in aviation with a new watch in the MACH 1 collection. The new watch is called – MACH 1 Silk Scarf.

Founders, Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj

“We introduced the MACH 1 collection in 2019. Since then, this collection has seen a strong identity as a compelling aviation-styled watch with Indian aviation backstories. We did several watches in the past that celebrate the Indian Air Force, and most recently the Indian Navy. The Silk Scarf extends the MACH 1 collection into a commercial aviation backstory for the first time,” said Nirupesh Joshi, Co-founder and Creative Director of the brand.

In 1936, 21-year-old Salra Thukral became the first Indian woman to acquire a commercial pilots license. Although aviation was not a popular career choice for women of India in the mid-century, India’s economic liberalisation in the 1980s changed that. Thousands of Indian women entered aviation in the 1980s, not just in piloting careers but also into ground-crew, and air-traffic roles.

“Indian women don’t just keep our skies safe, and make air travel efficient, but they also carry with them the dreams of millions of young girls that look up and aspire. 15% of all commercial pilots in India are women. This number is surprisingly 3 times higher than the global average. This storyline formed our inspiration to create a new watch,” said Mercy Amalraj, Co-founder and Head of Ownership Experience.

MACH 1 Silk Scarf Hero 1

Given the unique backstory, the designers at BWC have come up with a new colour scheme for the watch. A new light-pink shade called Aerobloom was developed for this watch. The dial also carries a motif de grain, that gives the watch a shine and luster not seen before in the MACH 1 dials.

In the formative years of modern aviation, an aviator’s scarf mostly made of silk was worn by pilots. Today the scarf adorns the neck of many flight-crews and stands as a symbol of their freedom to fly. The Silk Scarf watch carries a decorated caseback that shows an Aviator’s Scarf etched to it.

MACH 1 Silk Scarf is priced at INR 86,000/-. The watches can be reserved through the brand’s website starting today.

About Bangalore Watch Company

Since its establishment in 2018, Bangalore Watch Company has emerged as an inspiration of modernity in the world of wristwatches. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the brand offers world-class affordable luxury wristwatches from India. Founded by the dynamic Bangalore couple, Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj, Bangalore Watch Company is the result of their departure from tech-consulting careers abroad to contribute to Indias watchmaking legacy. With a debut in 2018, the brand has cultivated a passionate global following, solidifying its place as a pioneer in modern, Indian-inspired luxury wristwatches. Designed, engineered, and assembled in Bangalore, the timepieces capture the essence of a modern, global India, with each collection drawing inspiration from 21st-century narratives rooted in Indian themes that evoke nostalgia or pride.

Inspired by the dynamism of Cricket, the innovation of the Indian space program, and Indian Aviation, these watches are not just accessories; they are conversation starters. Beyond mere time-telling, wearers can proudly don a story on their wrists, making a statement that resonates with the pulse of modern India. Using Swiss technology renowned for its longevity Bangalore Watch Company watches are meant to last for a lifetime. Utilizing materials like Surgical-grade steel, Swiss automatic movements, and Scratch-resistant Sapphire crystals, the brand guarantees meticulous build quality and finishing.

Beyond offering watches, Bangalore Watch Company provides a Superlative Ownership Experience from inquiries to post-purchase services. Whether its a strap change or casual conversation, the brand ensures a delightful, unparalleled journey in watch ownership. Loved worldwide, the brand boasts an owners community spanning 35 countries. The limited-edition releases have garnered a strong and silent following, reflecting the global appeal of the contemporary Indian brand.

Since early 2022, BWC has been hosting guests at the Studio and Headquarters in South Bangalore. The state-of-the-art facility features a certified clean room for automated water tightness and accuracy checks, a packaging station for worldwide shipping, a working area for the team, and an owners lounge brewing fresh South Indian filter coffee. The BWC Studio offers enthusiasts a unique chance to interact with the stories embedded in each watch, demonstrating the brands dedication to premium watchmaking and immersive storytelling.

In every tick, Bangalore Watch Company encapsulates the essence of modern 21st-century India, offering not just watches but a journey through time that resonates with a global audience.

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