Baidu Explores Collaboration with Tesla for Robotaxi Operations in China Amid Advancing Market Dynamics

Baidu is considering potential collaboration opportunities with Tesla, depending on Tesla’s specific application patterns and their pace of entry into the Chinese market, according to the GM of Baidu Autonomous Driving Vehicle manager.

Baidu is exploring working with Tesla to enhance its robotaxi operations in China as part of its Apollo Go initiative.

Apollo Go is expected to turn profitable next year as Baidu increases efforts to cut costs and boost orders.

In the last quarter of 2023, Apollo Go conducted approximately 839,000 rides, with about 45% of the orders in Wuhan being fully driverless during the fourth quarter, an increase from 40% in the previous quarter.

Baidu revealed its 6th generation robotaxi, which will cost about 200,000 yuan ($28,169), less than half the price of its predecessor, and aims to deploy 1,000 of these vehicles in Wuhan.

The robotaxi market in China is advancing, with Baidu and receiving approval to charge fares for completely driverless rides in a Beijing district as of September 2023.

Baidu anticipates that Apollo Go will achieve break-even in Q4 of 2024 and become profitable by 2025.

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